Review: “Outlander” – Season 3, Episode 3 – “All Debts Paid”

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I started episode 3 of Season 3 hating Frank Randall. However, by the end of the episode, I found myself crying.

All because of Frank.

You see, I was never a fan of Frank Randall. I mean, at the beginning of the series, I thought, “Hey, he seems like a cool dude.” But in the last four or five episodes of the show, I’ve found myself just thinking that … he’s an asshole who doesn’t understand that Claire still loves Jamie.

I mean, hey, we’re all Team Jamie, right?

The episode starts off with Frank cooking a proper English breakfast for his wife and “daughter.” Nice enough, right? Until he has to throw the fact that he’s already seen a few movies in Claire’s face and that they are living separate lives, which yes, I know was Claire’s idea, but still.

Then we meet Lord John Grey, the adult.

Forget that.


Knowing that I haven’t read the books, I’ve had people tell me that he is dead in the books at this point, but thank you television for keeping a beloved character from the show – at least for now.


The man who claims is wife is obsessed and still in love with another man, has his little floozie to come to their house. THE HO– USE HE SHARES WITH CLAIRE AND THE LITTLE GIRL. And everybody is there to see her as Claire invites her in.

And Claire knows who it is and confronts Frank after she comes home and asks for a divorce and he won’t do it because of Brianne. Yet, after Brianne turns 18 and graduates high school, he asks Claire for a divorce. DUDE, the kid is not yours. DO NOT try to take the only thing Claire has of Jamie’s away from her!

I just don’t think Claire and Frank should have stayed together, whether she was pregnant or not. It doesn’t matter that they were married before. When Claire came back, they were both different people.

“Have you f***ed her in our bedroom? Well have you?”

“I think our bedroom is a little too crowded as it is, don’t you agree?”

Last time I checked, I didn’t see Jamie laying in bed in the bedroom. Just his ghost in her heart.


Lord John Grey comes and asks for Jamie’s help to try and find out what a man, Duncan, that Jamie knows, is talking about. He’s talking about gold, but when Jamie talks to him, he begins saying the white witch will be back for him. He knows that Duncan is talking about Claire.

Jamie settles with Lord John Grey and gets medical help for Murtagh because of how ill he was. Jamie also lost the iron shackles.

Jamie goes on to tell Murtagh what Duncan said, that the gold was cursed and that white witch had some connection with the gold.

One thing we learned? Murtagh knew Claire went back in the stones. But he has to bring up the baby. *sigh*


So, again, as someone who had not read the books, I had no idea that Grey was gay. I mean, it’s not far fetched, look at Black Jack Randall. But when Grey was telling Jamie about his friend that died in Culloden, all I could think about – is he talking about BJR? Was BJR his close friend? He mentions that he was nearby, so I’m hoping that’s not who it was.
But could you imagine if it was? Especially after he makes that pass at Jamie.

I do appreciate that Jamie finally told Grey that he remembered who he was and that Claire was really his wife.

It is good though that Jamie is opening up more to other people, especially someone like Grey who could help him, and does at the end by taking him away from the prison. But what about Murtagh? Where will he end up? Will he stay healthy? Ugh, I hate knowing we might not even see him again, or not in a few episodes.


I honestly didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Sure Frank just threw the big D word up to Claire, but we really never learned what happened to Frank except that he died. We didn’t know how soon it was going to happen in season 3, or at least I didn’t.

But as I said, as much as I hated Frank for most of this series, or at least just didn’t care for him (and I blame BJR for that), it was sad and I cried a little when I first watched the episode Saturday night at midnight on the STARZ app.

In a way, Claire saying goodbye to Frank was like closure. Closure that she could now move on, for real and possibly even find out what happened with Jamie.


It seems as if we see Brianna and Roger again in the next episode and maybe have them, along with Claire, find out something about Jamie and I’m LIVING for it. I can’t wait for it.

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