Review: “Outlander” – Season 3, Episode 2 – “Surrender”

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Warning: This review has spoilers for the season premiere of Season 3 of “Outlander.” 

The Opening

The opening of the episode started off with the boys – Fergus, little Jamie and Robbie (the boy that his father pretty much gave him up back in Season 1) and they are looking for a gun – and they find it. Although six years have passed, Fergus looks the same. The other two have grown a bit, but Fergus does not look like he would be around 17 or so, which I would expect him to be after all the time has passed.

Although I think it’s cute that Fergus is getting a bit of a Scottish accent and saying the usual words like “aye” instead of “yes.”

Hairy Jamie

Well first off, a shower and a shave does a man good. At the beginning, he was surely broken and a shell of a man. I just wanted to throw him in a shower. I know he was living in the wilderness to hide from the Red Coats, but come on! Take a shower! Cut your hair! Ugh, I couldn’t live in the 17th century, I swear.

Red Coats and Fergus

Okay, who is this Scottish guy in the Red Coats? What a jackass. He’s definitely a traitor and he seems like he’s just trying to be a jackass so that he can kiss up to the captain and then he goes and cuts off Fergus’ hand? HIS HAND! I mean, Fergus is lucky that only happened, but at least it woke Jamie up and made him realize he swore to protect Fergus and he hadn’t been doing that.  I guess that’s the one good thing that came out of the whole situation.


The old Claire is starting to come also. She was a shell of a person last episode and she’s woken back up. I guess you can tell the old Claire is coming back when she starts thinking about sex even though she kept her eyes closed the entire time with Frank and he realized it. To be honest, she was using him, but come on Frank, be a man. You wanted her back. Deal with it if she was thinking of Jamie. When she looks at you, she sees Black Jack.

Also interesting was when she started school back. I guess they really didn’t like women and people of color to come into their territory and start learning how to be a doctor. The men in that class looked like privileged, stuck up guys who lived on Mommy and Daddy’s money.


Jamie ended up getting Jenny and her husband to trick the Red Coats into thinking they gave Jamie up so they could receive the reward and Jenny didn’t like it one bit. Who could blame her? But Jamie did what he thought he needed to do… turn himself in so the Red Coats would leave his family alone. In the meantime, he got laid by his sister’s maid after getting cleaned up.

Also happening in the episode:

  • Jenny has a baby – another boy.
  • The boys shoot a black raven, which the boys said is a messenger of death. That brings the Red Coats back and they almost catch Jamie there.
  • Jamie didn’t tell anybody what happened to Claire. He just told them she died.
  • Claire and Frank are now sleeping in separate beds by the end of the episode. That says a lot.

This was a pretty good episode that we needed to see. We needed to see what happened to Jamie after he got back home, almost on death’s doorstep. Next week should be better – Jamie’s in prison and Claire is in her own prison – a marriage to Frank.

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