Review: “Outlander” – Season 3, Episode 1 – “The Battle Joined”

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Review, Television

Warning: This review has spoilers for the season premiere of Season 3 of “Outlander.” 

The Opening

The opening sequence was beautiful … even though it was so tragic. With the hundreds of Scottish warriors laying on top of one another – dead or seriously wounded – showed that even though they lost this battle, they did it together.

But then they showed one Scot in particular – Jamie – breathing heavily with a British soldier dead on top of him. I mean, one look at the soldier and you could tell who it was – Black Jack Randall.

I was ecstatic to know that Jamie is the one that killed him. I know they didn’t really say that in the books or anything (I haven’t read them *gasp*), but after everything Black Jack put Jamie through, it’s nice to know that Jamie got his revenge. Plus, it was on the day that Black Jack originally was supposed to die and Frank Randall’s heritage was sealed.

But back to Jamie lying there. I loved how they did the flashbacks with him just there thinking about everything that happened. I’m just surprised that any British soldier didn’t see him awake.

Mark Me!

Where is Prince Charles Edward Stuart? Did he just run off into the wind? We know that in real life he hid in the home of Flora MacDonald (my ancestor), but will they ever show that in the TV show? Will we get to see what happened to the little fella? Mark me, I need to know what happened to him.


The war sequence was amazing. The only other sequence I can think that might be better is the scene in “Game of Thrones” in the “Battle of the Bastards.” Although, it’s a little out there that Jamie could have a conversation with someone in the middle of this battle with how crazy it was. Especially the scene when Jamie sees Black Jack and they both stare at one another and then charge at one another like two bulls.

I mean, really, we’ve been waiting for that for two seasons, but the artistic shot (the one seen over on the left) is beautiful.


As much as I respect that fact that Frank took Claire back and still loves her unconditionally it seems, you can just tell that Claire is unhappy. The housewife thing just isn’t for her. She needs to be doing something, helping someone and being productive.

And that president or boss of Frank’s that talked down to Claire as if she was nothing. It really shocked me that Claire didn’t make some sort of smart comeback for him. But I guess she knew her place in the whole situation. I wouldn’t have just smiled and sipped my tea.

The Baby

“Where’d she get the red hair?”

That nurse’s comment cracked me up because after everything Claire and Frank just said to one another, the look on their faces showed that neither would ever get over the fact that the baby wasn’t really Frank’s child.

Honestly, the way that Frank has just sat by with everything makes him seem a little weak – something his ancestor Black Jack was not. I guess that’s Alexander in him.

All in all, it was a good episode. I just need more next episode.


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