Backstreet Regrets: Even the biggest fans have a few things they regret

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Whether you were an adult and became a Backstreet Boys fan, or you were in middle school and thought you were going to marry Nick Carter, every fan has done something that they regret when it comes to being a Backstreet Boys fans. 

Even I have my own regrets, such as not seeing the “Millennium” tour, even though I couldn’t or ditching the first night of being Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper to see the “Unbreakable” tour.  How I went five years without seeing Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson (actually that was 9 years) is beyond me.

Check out what some other Backstreet Boys fans regret and let us know if you have your own in the comments below!

Ashley | @ashlovesbrian

When N Sync broke Backstreet Boys’ Millennium record with their No strings attached album, I actually cried! I was so distraught that I couldn’t even go to school the next day!

Alma | @maneth

There’s nothing I’m particularly embarrassed about, even if it’s crazy stuff like going up and down a three story building elevator till I Want It That Way was done playing on said elevator’s radio back in 2000, I was in Miami on vacation and we were getting our luggage out to leave to the airport, I went up and down many times WITH the luggage in the elevator with me.

Melissa | @bsbriverdale

I’ve actually had some pretty embarrassing fangirl moments since I was in third grade when I pick up my first ever J-14 magazine. My all time biggest fangirl moment was when I decorated my locker and all my notebooks with pictures of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers from 4th to 6th grade. Some of my classmate didn’t take my fangirling seriously at all I’ve the two to three years of school.

Melly | @ETownMelly

I called Howie’s house back in like 1997…asked for my best friend, Lindsay. Mama D answered and was super sweet. She told me that no one by that name lived there and to have a nice day. I can’t imagine the calls that poor woman got over the years.

Medina | @sunnygirl20

Well, picture this, it was 2001 and I was at work surfing the net and drooling over Howie D and his chocolate kisses. (AKA nipples) when my coworker came into the office. She knew my love for Howie and offered to call Tabu(the club he owned at the time) to try and speak with him. I found the number and she called. A waitress answered and said that he wasn’t there but gave her his brother John’s cell phone number. My co-worker then called John and pleaded for Howie’s number. I feel silly for having her do that to John. I’m sure he had to change his number after that.

Mel | @melheartsbsb

When I knew I would be watching BSB on TV on any show, I had a habit of making sure I looked nice like they were going to pop out of the TV and see me. (P.S… it never happened) Also, no one else besides myself was allowed to touch my BSB CD’s, I couldn’t trust anyone to put them into the CD player without me there.

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