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The “A to Z of Boy Bands” is a new post series we are going to have on The Fangirling Life where we go letter by letter, talking about boy bands. Each post will include three people, songs, etc. that start with the letter.


Backstreet Boys

Did you think we would have an A to Z of Boy Bands and not have the best-selling boy band of all time when it comes to the second letter of the alphabet? The pop group is almost as popular today as they were in 1999. With Kevin coming back to the group after a few years off, a cameo in a Seth Rogen/James Franco movie and a documentary that got rave reviews, the boys are now topping the world with a Las Vegas residency.

Not to mention they just had their very first number one country song with Florida Georgia Line on their hit “God, Your Mama and Me.” Next up? Coming to Atlanta, going to Singapore, more Las Vegas shows and a brand new album – the first since 2013’s “In A World Like This.”

Backstreet’s Back ya’ll, even though they never went away for me.



BBMak originated in Liverpool (just like The Beatles!) in 1997 and sold three million albums worldwide before breaking up in 2003. The group were one of what I call the “TRL bands” that basically hit it big because of the MTV show that broke many new artists, which lead to radio airplay.

Their first single, “Back Here,” made it to No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was No. 1 for 11 (!!) weeks on the U.S. Adult Contemporary charts. Their second album, “Into Your Head,” came out in August 2002 and the first single, “Out of My Heart (Into Your Head) made it to No. 56 on the Hot 100 charts, but a second single was only released in select countries.

Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men is by far one of the greatest vocal harmony groups there has ever hit the music business. The group formed in the mid ’80s at a high school in Philadelphia and named themselves after a New Edition song – “Boys to Men.” They snuck backstage at a New Edition show in Philly and performed for Michael Bivins (New Edition, Bel Biv Devoe), just like they sing about in their first hit, “Motownphilly.”

I mean, to be honest, what can I say about Boyz II Men that people don’t already know? “I’ll Make Love To You” broke the group’s 13-week No. 1 record that they had with “End of the Road.” IMLTY spent 14 weeks at the top of the charts and was only replaced by the group’s next single, “On Bended Knee.” They are only the third act – behind Elvis and The Beatles – to ever replace themselves at No. 1.

Legend – wait for it – dary.


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