Thoughts: The ‘new’ Taylor Swift has me all kinds of shook

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I have been a fan of Taylor Swift’s before a lot of people knew who Taylor Swift was.  I was working in the college game room, listening to XM radio (before the merger with Sirius) and a song called “Tim McGraw” came on by a new artist. They had just gotten the song in the day before or something like that.

Instantly, I became a Swiftie before there were even Swifties.

Taylor’s songs reminded me of me and things I had been through. The lyrics, the melodies, the songs were everything I ever really wanted to say.

I met her in June 2007 and she was a sweetheart and was glad that someone as tall as her was in her line (she was young, but so tall!).

Since then, I’ve followed her career obsessively. I never saw her in concert again, but I bought the albums the day they came out. I was memorized by the lyrics. I mean, if anybody read my fan fiction, you all know. I lived by her albums.

Until “1989.”

It took me a while to fall in love with the album. It took me a while to listen to anything but “Shake It Up.”

However, this new “Reputation” Taylor Swift – I’m all for it. Like, ALL for it.

When a person gets burned too many times, you turn dark like that. I know, I’ve been there. I mean, if you think back to songs like “Picture to Burn” or “Better Than Revenge,” people thought those were drastic, but that has nothing against “Look What You Made Me Do.”

No, it’s not her best work, but it’s good. It’s different and it’s catchy. And by God, it’s a diss against Kanye and Kim.

I’m so tired of the Kardashians and I’m glad that someone is standing up against them. I saw a girl in Walmart yesterday that looked like she was trying to be Kylie Jenner – fake and trashy. And yeah, Taylor isn’t the innocent teenager she once was, but at least she doesn’t act like a Kardashian/Jenner.

Taylor Swift will be 28 this year and at some point in your 20’s you sometimes reinvent yourself and that’s what she’s doing. She’s been through a lot over the past three years since “1989” came out.

I like badass Taylor Swift. And I’m ready, even if she’s using snakes in videos (my biggest fear!).


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