Thoughts: The @BackstreetBoys army is a family

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There is always drama in the Backstreet Boys fandom at one point or another. God knows I’ve had my share of it back when I didn’t know to shut my mouth, but as we all do, I’ve learned.

Why did I learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes? Because the Backstreet Army is a family and we MUST stick together.

With everything going on in the world right now with riots and protests going in in the U.S. and the wars going on in other parts of the world, we all have one another. To some people, their Backstreet family is all they really have.

Family doesn’t necessarily have to be blood. It means love, trust and admiration.

Lately, there have been too many people getting hurt and feeling betrayed by other fans and that shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t happen period, much less in our fandom.

We have weathered too many storms in this fandom from a member going to rehab to one leaving the band to tear others down the way we do.

There have been situations where some fans want to help other fans so that they are not hurt in the long run like others have been and they get ripped apart, called names (are we in pre-K?!?) and threatened.

Army, that’s not how we do things here.

Do better.

Be better.

Act better.

Treat each other better.

And be a better person.

We are the Backstreet Army – let’s stand together.

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