4 things ’90s boy bands are better at than modern boy bands

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Let’s be blunt – the boy bands in the ’90s had it going on. Of course, looking back now, there were a few things that the bands could have done without – like the oversize overalls or wearing winter wear in the hot Orlando sun.

But looking back on it all, it was still the best of times in boy band land.

Here are four things that boy bands in the ’90s did better than any of the “millennial” boy bands.


Boy bands post 2005 never dance. Did you see the Jonas Brothers dance? No. Did you see One Direction dance? They always did one little awkward thing in every video, but they said they didn’t have to dance.

That’s why I’m glad that the “boy bands” on “Boy Band” are learning to dance. It’s important to a boy band to have dancing. If you look at all the boy bands of the ’90s like Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, 98 Degrees, O-Town, 5Ive, they all danced.


Okay, so not all of the outfits the guys wore in the ’90s were great.

I mean, really, pajamas on stage?

But, unlike modern boy bands, the groups back in the day were coordinated. They didn’t have to wear matching outfits.


No, not that girl group, but just being innocent. Boy bands today don’t really try to be innocent. Back in the day, if one of the Backstreet Boys getting a girl pregnant out of wedlock would have possibly been the end of the world, right? Yet, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction did that and well, so did Liam Payne.


Let’s be real and I love Jonas Brothers and One Direction but their harmonies were nothing compared to the boy bands of the ’90s. The Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees possibly had the best harmonies ever in a vocal group, oh and Boyz II Men, but it’s hard for me to consider them a boy band sometimes.

And The Wanted?

Yeah. No.

Thankfully, Nick Carter is there as an architect on “Boy Band” to show the boys of the future group how things are down. After all, he’s spent more than half of his life in a boy band.

If anybody knows about boy bands, it’s him. Let’s hope the newer generations of boy bands can take some of things from the ’90s and repeat.

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