Happy 20th anniversary, @BackstreetBoys, the album that changed everything

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1997 was a year where everything changed. The Spice Girls took over America. Music began to be happy again. Those of us now that are heading on the other side of our mid-30s were upperclassmen in high school, or maybe just graduated, or maybe just entered.

It was also the year that the Backstreet Boys broke in the United States, or as AJ McLean says, rained down from Canada into the northern U.S. and finally the south, their homeland.

On August 12, 1997, the Backstreet Boys released their first album in the United States. Granted, in Canada and everywhere else in the world, they received “Backstreet’s Back” a day earlier, on August 11. The album changed everything for the boys and started what is now known as the great years of TRL, back when MTV started to play music videos again for a while and we had Carson Daly telling us the latest news and what video was at No. 1.

On this 20th anniversary, we asked our readers here at The Fangirling Life what their favorite songs from Backstreet Boys were and why.

“I’ll Never Break Your Heart”

1. I’ll Never Break Your Heart…just brings me back to school dances and young love and a more pure time….before adulthood corrupted it. heh. – Kelli D.

2. I’ll never break your heart. I have a thing for ballads and this one is possibly the most underrated ballad they have. – Rebecca E.

3. I’ll never break your heart. Was going thru a rough patch and that song made me feel better. <3 – Catharine M.

4. I’ll never break your heart… this is the song that made me fall in love with @backstreetboys and been a fan since I was 12 I’m now 30! – @Henderson1221


“As Long As You Love Me”

1. As Long As You Love Me. I fell in love with that little instrumental at the beginning. – @FrickingKaos

2. “As Long As You Love Me”. It’s the song that started it all for me ❤ – @xodellyox


4. Mine is As Long As You Love Me. It was the 2nd songs of theirs that I’d ever heard. I first heard it in November of 1997 when I was 13. I love it because it’s got a good beat and it’s catchy and the video was released in August of 1997 and my birthday is August 17th. – Elizabeth L.

5. I was forced kicking and screaming to listen to As long as you love me, so for nostalgia, I will say that one. – Donna A.

6. As long as you love me ..sounds sexy – @bsbhansonlover


“All I Have To Give”

1. All I have to give. I’ve always loved its message.- @Kim199009

2. All I have to give because the lyrics make me smile and make me feel good about myself. – @bsbriverdale

3. All I Have To Give… the lyrics are so beautiful and everyone’s vocals are amazing on this song… one of my favorite songs – @melheartsbsb

4. AIHTG “I don’t know what he does to make you cry, but I’ll be there to make you smile.” It was true back then & still true to this day. – @BrwnEyedGrl24

“Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)”

1. SHUT UP!! (I mean whoa!) It was Quit Playin’ Games the first BSB song I ever heard that made me a lifetime fan forever!!!!!! Hehehehe – @WrightLexi83

2. Quit Playin’ Games! It’s the song that made me a fan and it has withstood the test of time. – @LilMissAllie

3. Quit Playin’ Games, it’s the song and video that made me become a fan. I had to get their cd right after. Good times! – @SwayShay

4. Quit Playing Games With My Heart. Pretty sure that was the first song of theirs that I ever heard on the radio, and my BFF Nicole and I became really good friends while fangirling over them. Also Megan and Nickie might not have become such close friends with me if not for BSB. I owe the guys (and that song) a lot for some very long friendships. – Rachel M.

5. Quit Playing Games With My Heart. It took my virginity, gosh! – Elizabeth G.


“Set Adrift (On Memory Bliss)”

1. I like Set Adrift on Memory Bliss!! – @sj2429

2. There’s something about Set Adrift on a Memory Bliss that captivated me from the start. I was about twelve when the album came out and I found it under the Christmas tree. I played it all day; it drove my family nuts! But, even then, I knew there was something so poignant about that song: the lyrics, the way it’s layered, the masterful usage of sampling…Of course at twelve in 1997 those lyrics meant nothing to me. It wasn’t until years later that I could fully appreciate them. So, although every song on that album is amazing and nostalgic, I hold Set Adrift a little closer to my heart. – Victoria I.

3. Set adrift on memory bliss. It’s such a beautiful song and it’s so underrated. I love Brian and Aj in it.- Ashley S.


“If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)”

1. I don’t care if the Boys absolutely hate the song, but my fave is If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy). And really, it’s because it’s all Nick, and I was that age when Nick singing about sexual innuendoes made my day. – Jennifer G.

2. If you want it to be good girl…..because it was naughty!? (At least when I was younger) ? – @CarrieLGraham85


“Hey Mr. DJ (Play That Song For Me)”

1. Hey Mr dj. It’s so catchy and Aj is my fave – Katie Jean C.


“Get Down”

1. I really dig Get Down…I will crank it every single time I hear it… – Kelli D.

2. Get Down!! That’s my jam!!! – Hailey R.

“Anywhere For You”

1. My favorite song from the 1st BSB album is donde quieras yo iré because they singing in live in my 1st concert and I never forget my boys singing in my language ❤ – Vanessa C.

2. “Anywhere for you”! They enchants me with their voices, anche I truly love the lyrics! – CiapCarter

3. 3. Anywhere For You! Because who wouldn’t want five guys serenading them that they’d go anywhere for them? And 20 years later to have Nick Carter hold my hand and sing lyrics to me during BSB Vegas – @MsDuchessKate


1. DARLIN’ is my favorite song from that album. – Chungkham L.

“Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”

1. “everybody” the beat and their voices are beyond awesome. Everything about that song is great. It’s timeless. – @Danee713

2. While “As Long As You Love Me” was the first song I heard, it was “Everybody” that got me hook, line and sinker. The music video, the live performance I saw the night I became a fan and the beat. The dancing. The vocals. EVERYTHING – Karah (TFL owner)


And from Elizabeth (pigtaildemon):

I can’t pick only one. That’s like choosing a favorite child. It’s wrong. ?

Released August 12, 1997 (U.S.)[
Recorded October 1994 – May 1997
Studio Parc Studios (Orlando, Florida)
Cheiron (Stockholm, Sweden)
Battery Studios and The Hit Factory (New York City)
Length 52:10
Label Jive
Producer Denniz Pop, Max Martin, Kristian Lundin, Veit Renn, Timmy Allen, Full Force, Robert John “Mutt” Lange
Singles from Backstreet Boys
  1. “We’ve Got It Goin’ On”
    Released: September 5, 1995
  2. “Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)”
    Released: June 10, 1997
  3. “As Long as You Love Me”
    Released: October 21, 1997
  4. “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”
    Released: March 31, 1998
  5. “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”
    Released: July 14, 1998
  6. “All I Have to Give”
    Released: December 8, 1998

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