Life is almost back to normal … I think

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Personal, Rambling, Thoughts | 1 comment

Today is Monday, as I write this, and my mother is coming home from the hospital on Thursday. And I’m petrified. 

Last week, I woke up early and went to the hospital before work and watched her do physical and occupational therapy in her morning sessions and it was hard to watch her try to transfer from her bed to the wheelchair or the wheelchair to a bedside toilet. At home, she will have one that can be a bedside toilet or that sits over the toilet which she will end up using eventually. It’s just hard to watch. I know that’s all TMI, but, I mean, it’s something I’m going through.

She is doing good though, better than I thought she would. But with arthritis, fibromyalgia (which I also have), and Lupus, she doesn’t have the energy and strength in her arms like some people have.

Saturday I woke up and went to the mall with one of my bosses that I’m close to and ended up having to work for a few hours due to a co-worker being in the hospital herself overnight, so I got off a little early today. Yesterday, Sunday, I spent the day reorganizing the apartment so that it would be easier for her when she comes home Thursday.

Today I got off early, like I said, and went to the hospital for a bit before coming home and finishing up some things. Thursday, I’ll be off so that I don’t just leave her here alone for the first time, but will work Saturday to make hours up. I’m thankful, so very very thankful, that my job and bosses let me do that. I know how lucky I am because most would not be that supportive.

Oh and I wrote up something about Donnie Wahlberg coming to the Wahlburgers here at the Braves Stadium for this Sunday’s newspaper and today it was the most trending story on our website. My main boss was surprised <3

So between the people at work and all of my friends, I still can’t believe I’ve made it through this last year. So with my mom coming home, hopefully this is the turn of good things.

I have several things coming up like an Atlanta Braves game and MC Hammer concert afterwards, Thomas Rhett, Harry Styles, Nick Carter at Walker Stalker, Niall Horan and I guess Florida Georgia Line, Nelly and Chris Lane since Lacy had an extra ticket. I need this fall after everything. I can’t wait to see ALL of my girls at Walker Stalker, together, hopefully, all of them, for one big picture.

That’s my life right now.

P.S. Check out my new post on the Backstreet Boys’ website here about how the boys have helped fans over the years with their music.

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