Personal: Almost 2 days until #BSBVegas!

by | Jun 11, 2017 | Personal | 0 comments

Sunday is almost over here and that means that there’s only two more days that I have to get through, work through until I get on an airplane and leave for Las Vegas!

As you can tell with the lack of posts, the past few days have been kind of hellish. My mother came home from rehab on Wednesday, which I took off. That was a lot to get through, for her to get used to being home, me getting used to her being home, making her comfortable and all while trying to work.

So because I had Friday off, I worked a full day on Saturday. Today I pretty much just chilled, finished watching the new season of “Orange is the New Black” and started packing for Vegas.

But in true Karah fashion, something goes wrong. My foot is sore so I have to go get something for it tomorrow. Some spot on my toe. I know there’s a lot of walking in Vegas so yay, I’m sure this will be great!

I also can’t decide what I want to wear for my VIP.

Do I want to dress up or go casual? The only thing is I have pit that night and with my health problems, I want to wear my sneakers that night.

Should I go casual? Maybe a long silky duster and capri leggings? My cute black princess t-shirt that Barb got me? My little babydoll top with a white t-shirt? Ugh. I can’t decide. I can wear my black sneakers with all of those.

Now if I go fancy, I have my dress from the cruise last year that has sequins on top and tulle on the bottom. I want to wear it more. But do I really want to wear a dress and be in pit? Maybe I can wear it the next night in our VIP seats? The first show, Lacy and I are going to fangirl it up and wear BSB shirts.

I’ve just been so dressy in all of my recent pictures so… why not go comfortable?

I just can’t decide.

Decisions. Decisions.

I still have some things to get before the trip like a prescription filled. And working 16 hours between now and Tuesday night.

I wanted to get tickets to the newest #BSBVegas shows, but with our trip this week, Nick at Walker Stalker in October, plus the cruise next year, I just couldn’t see myself being able to do it. I need to save for the world tour, also. Plus I have so many events in late September and October.

Next year I hope the boys are around me on my birthday, or have a show and I might go to it.

This is be babling right now.

P.S. – I will have a post go up Wednesday that has all social media posts on there so that everybody can keep up with me and the girls in Vegas!


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