Thoughts: Step 2 – Could my writer’s block be gone?

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Backstreet Boys, Personal

Yes, the title of this post says it all. Could my writer’s block be gone? Or at least a little?

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve written on two separate things. The first is a story with Lisa, well, rewriting something to publish. The second? Rewriting one of my stories to publish and change a little.

And while neither is new ideas, it’s still writing. WRITING.

It’s a part of me that I’ve missed a lot. Writing blog posts is one thing, or something reporting wise, but writing fiction is something that has made me who I am. It was my major in college before I changed it. It did become my minor (creative writing).

I want to be that person again. So maybe, just maybe, I’m getting there. I really hope so.

I probably shouldn’t say anything to jinx it, but I needed to get it out. I’m writing. And I feel good about it.

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  1. Anne

    A little Yihaa from the Netherlands.
    I hope you find your writing mojo again. And find it just for you! Although I can’t wait to read fan fiction from your hand again, I know you always struggled with what others thought or said. So I hope you overcome that writer’s block to simply enjoy writing again.
    I was re-introduced to writing just a few weeks ago and I love having that part of my life back! And I wish for you to get acquinted with that part of you again too!
    Lots of love!


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