Review: Really Netflix, did you have to end ‘Bloodline’ like that?

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Warning: There will be spoilers in this post. If you have not watched the final season, or even the first season of the Netflix show “Bloodline” do not read any further.

So back to the question at hand, did “Bloodline” have to end the way that it did?

After three seasons, which included 33 episodes, did it have to end with such an open-ended scene.  A scene that wasn’t even complete.

According to interviews, the creator said that “Bloodline” was supposed to be a five or six-season show, but it was canceled by Netflix. Apparently filming in the Florida keys costs too much money.

Regardless, if you put in the energy for three seasons, at least have some closer. There was no real closer.

Kevin ended up going to jail after trying to run from the feds.  Sure, that’s closure. The sister moves away and starts over. And John, what does John do? Nothing. His wife is divorcing him. You barely see his kids this season and apparently, his soon-to-be ex-wife tells him their daughter is having sex and he does nothing?

There were so many things that never had an ending. Was the brunette chick that was with Chloe and Danny’s son the Raybourn’s half sister because their father had an affair? From the sound of things said, she was, but nothing was ever confirmed.

And what did John even end up telling Danny’s son? Oh wait, that’s where the show ended and we’ll never know.

The first two seasons were great. Season three started out really, really strong. But the ending?

Horrible ending, Netflix.

Kyle Chandler, I love you.


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