Through the good times and bad times … how being @BackstreetBoys fans made us stronger

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As Backstreet Boys fans, we’ve never had it “easy” per say. Whether it was taking up for being a fan in middle school, high school, college or professional life, we have always defended our leaders in our army of a million – Nick, Brian, AJ, Kevin and Howie. 

Whether it was a little boy on the playground making fun of five men with beauty and harmonies that could stop a train in its tracks or a co-worker who can’t get over the fact that you still love those five guys that “don’t play instruments and dance” twenty years later – we’ve all been there.

Maybe it’s a parent who doesn’t get the passion or a grandmother who says, “you should just watch them on TV and not spend all that money on a concert,” or God forbid a cruise. Maybe it’s a boss who doesn’t want to give you the time off to go on a cruise or a co-worker who doesn’t want to work for you because they will be in town and you MUST go.

Whatever we have faced in life, that attitude that we have to carry on makes us stronger.

We’ve been through the bad times together …

… Lou Pearlman stealing their money and a lawsuit that held “Millennium” in its tracks.

… Fearing the news of 9/11 and wondering where the boys were since they were just in Boston.

… AJ going to rehab …

… The news of Nick going solo and the fear that would our band make it?

… The break.

… Kevin leaving the band.

… Brian’s heart surgery.

… Brian’s voice issues

… Nick and AJ’s alcohol and drug problems.

And the good times …

… Breaking records

… “Millennium”

… The boys proving the critics wrong and coming back with “Never Gone.”

… Nick, Brian, AJ and Howie carrying on as a foursome.


… 20th anniversary

… Kevin coming back

… The Backstreet babies… Baylee, Ava, James, Holden, Mason, Max, Lyric and Odin

… The weddings

… The recognition from the Vegas residency

… The cruises

… Seeing members of other bands and knowing that our band lasted.

… The upcoming 25th anniversary

In a way, everything we’ve endured as fans has made us stronger as people – as sisters, brothers, children, mothers and fathers. Mostly importantly, it’s made us stronger as friends.

Maybe that’s why Nick fought so hard for the song “Soldier” to be on the album. While we are the Backstreet Army, we are soldiers in everyday life – whether in the fandom or not. We are always fighting for our boys

We are always fighting for our boys – through the good times and bad… that’s what fangirls and fanboys are for. #ThanksWhitneyHouston.


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