Ask The Fangirl: How do you get front row concert tickets?

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Note: This is the first edition of #AskTheFangirl, a post that I’m going to make once a week where I answer fans questions about anything and everything when it comes to being a fangirl (or in some cases, fanboys). There will be a form at the end of the post if you have a question.

Hey Karah-Leigh! Love your website and that you have set up this! My question is HOW do people get front row concert tickets to see their favourite boy band!? I can never get them! Also how should one contain the nerves and what should one say when meeting their favourite boy band ever such as, BSB?!? Thanks! – Jacinta (@Heartiques)

Thanks Jacinta! I’m glad you love the site 🙂 I’m hoping to get back to my old self with this stuff.

So to answer your question … it’s mostly luck, but there are some things you can do to get front row or at least really good concert tickets.

  1. FANCLUB – If the artist has a fan club that offers presale codes, like the Backstreet Boys do, join the fan club. Trust me, it will be worth it in the long run. With the way scalpers are now, if you join an AMEX  presale or a normal sale to the public, you might miss out.
  2. WAR – I like to set up for war when it comes to getting concert tickets. For instance, when Vegas tickets went on sale for Backstreet Boys, I sat at my dining table with my main laptop, my Chromebook and my cell phone with the app on it as a backup. You never know if a window will freeze. I like to call it preparing for war because in a way it is. You’re fighting for tickets against other fans who love them as much as you do.
  3. FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES – It helps to have a group of friends who are going with you who will also set up for war and you are all on the same phone call. Julia and I have done this several times. Or if you’re going to multiple shows, one person gets tickets for one show and so on. That’s how Mara, Jen and I did it for Vegas.

There’s no real science for getting front row. It just takes determination, patience, and luck.

As for what to say to your favorite band? You can say all kinds of things, but it’s important to remember that they aren’t superheroes. They’re real people. They are just like you and me. The first time I met Nick, I treated him that way and since then, it’s been nothing but cake. I’ve come to the point that with them, they remember me and I like to tell them something new. For instance, on the cruise last year, I hadn’t seen Brian since I moved to new town near him, where Leighanne is from, and started working at the local newspaper. Apparently, he went and told her and she told he did. It’s little things like that, just treating them like they’re old friends. They’re normal, but they have pretty much seen every reaction known to man.

i have just finished reading all your novels and about to start on your series. where did you get your ideas for your stories from and how did you make them so realistic. when reading them you can easily picture it taking place in your head. you have a real gift there i would love to read more of your work. – Sharon (@BSBskiwigirl)

Aww thank you Sharon! I haven’t written anything fictional that’s new in almost two years. I just have this weird case of writer’s block and I think my days as a fan fiction writer is over. I’m thinking about starting work on a normal story that I can get published.

As for my ideas, the more you read of my work, the more you might sense that a lot of it is based on music. For some reason, Taylor Swift’s music just speaks to me. Her older albums, not so much on “1989.” When I first heard “The Story of Us,” I just knew that it was a story that I needed to write. It’s always been influenced by country music, but the later stuff, definitely Taylor Swift. 🙂

Hello!! My best friend of 18 years is getting married in December. I cannot think of a better gift then to get a picture of her with the backstreet boys. We will be in Las Vegas April 20th- April 23rd. We are going to the April 22nd concert and sitting in the general admission area. Any additional information/ advice would be awesome! Thank you in advance! – Hilary

That’s awesome Hilary! I think the best way to get a photo with the Backstreet Boys for her is to purchase VIP Meet & Greets from, or, since you’re celebrating her getting married, they have VIP After Party tickets where you can actually hang out with them a little.  Just head over to the events page on the fan club, and you can check either the show for the VIP meet & Greet tickets or the after party. I hope she gets a picture!

Thanks everybody for the questions in this first #AskTheFangirl. You can submit questions below and I may do this more than once a week.

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