Congrats to AJ, Rochelle and Ava McLean… they have a new baby in the house!

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While AJ McLean told crowds in Las Vegas this weekend that he was about to be a father again in 48 hours, he was right!

Sunday afternoon, AJ and his wife, Rochelle, welcomed another baby girl, Lyric Dean McLean, in Los Angeles. But things got a little tricky with the name at first. According to grandmother Denise, AJ’s Mom, on Facebook, the middle name is Deanna, which is Rochelle’s middle name. It makes sense since Ava’s middle name is Jaymes, which is a variation of AJ’s middle name, James.

But, Rochelle came to the rescue this afternoon and said that it was infact Lyric Dean. She told a friend on Twitter that they decided to shorten it to Dean at the last minute because it felt, “bad ass.”

For more about the baby Lyric, big sister Ava and the McLeans, check out an exclusive post on

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