#BSB24 – Get involved in BSB’s anniversary video!

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In honor of the Backstreet Boys 24th anniversary on April 20, we are making another video.  While this was originally posted on the fan club blogs, it is now being posted here.

But this time it’s going to be a little different. Or at least I want it to be.

We ask that you please TRY to send in videos of yourself congratulating the boys on 24 years together. Here’s how you can do it:



— Keep video messages to less than 30 seconds.
— Tell the boys congratulations in your own special way. Be funny. Be creative. Be crazy.
— Be sure to tell in the email your name and where you are from. You can also send in one (1) photo with the boys, or an individual boy.

1. Cell phone – After you record it, open up your email and try to email it to [email protected]. If that doesn’t work, email me for help and I’ll try to get it 🙂

]—- Select the video you want to email and touch the word “Choose.” Start a new email message and add your selected video as an attachment.
—–Enter the email address ([email protected]), add a short message if you wish, and then send your email. It may take a few minutes to send depending on video size.

2. Computer – Open up your webcam on your computer and record a message. Then as with above, you can email it or ask for help.

  1. Open your email and select attachment. Go to the folder where the videos are saved on your computer and select the file.

3. Digital camera – Film yourself with your point and shoot camera, hook your camera up to your computer or however you retrieve your photos from your camera and email it to us. Again if the file is too big, email us for help. Don’t worry about any extra time before or after, I’ll edit that out.

We understand that there are many languages across the Backstreet Boys fandom, so if your English is not good, speak it in your native language. Just let me know where you are from in the email.


Also, we also understand that some people are very shy. In that case, write something in 100 words or less, telling the boys congratulations, and email it to us at [email protected]. You can check your word count at https://wordcounter.net.

You can submit that and one (1) photo with your written message.


The deadline will be WED., APRIL 12, 2017 FRIDAY, APRIL 14 at 8 p.m. EST (New York time). Please, if you can, get your stuff in early so that it can already be worked on and be perfect.

Email me at [email protected] or Tweet me at http://twitter.com/Princess_Karah if you have any questions 🙂


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