Thoughts: 2017 is the best time to be a @BackstreetBoys fan

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I know what you’re thinking. You read the title of this post and you’re like, “what the…” I know. Most people would think that I might be on crack for saying that and, you know, that’s not true but most people think I’m crazy.

Sure, 1999 was a great year to be a Backstreet Boys fan. The boys ruled the world. But guess what? Being a Backstreet Boys 18 years later in 2017 might even be just a little bit better.

The boys have pretty much shed the manufactured boy band phase where people look down on them and do not take them seriously. They are highly respected now by people in various genres. I mean, look, the world’s top-selling country duo, Florida Georgia Line, included them on their new album. They are even making the song a single. They, along with other artists in country music are performing their songs – from Chris Lane to Kelsea Ballerini. For some reason, country music loves the Backstreet Boys right now and it’s hard to gain that respect in that genre.

They also have the Las Vegas residency coming up and you know that is going to blow everything out of the water. Not everybody gets a Las Vegas residency. Elvis had one, Liberace, Garth Brooks, Britney Spears, everybody that matters.

Plus, to other celebrities (not that it matters), it’s not embarrassing to show that you’re a Backstreet Boys fan. Besides Florida Georgia Line, Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber have been seen wearing old school Backstreet Boys T-shirts.  To fans, we’ve never been embarassed, but when other celebrities start showing the love, that’s a pretty big deal.

Another reason why this is the best time to be a Backstreet Boys fan is social media. Not only do we have instant contact with them through the interwebs, we can be more a part of their lives that they share with us. I mean, if in 1998 if Nick had a baby (lol), would we really have seen videos of him or photos that the mother would post on a geocities website? No.

Plus, they are all married now. The constant bickering back and forth about girlfriends and how someone was seen with AJ or Nick is over. They are all married with kids and now fans can talk about what’s really important – the music. Not that they didn’t in the past, but you know, we’ve all gossiped about who was dating who.

See, being a BSB fan in 2017 is awesome!

Sure, we can’t walk into a store in the mall and get oversized BSB pencils or huge posters of the individual guys. They aren’t covering the teenybopper magazines, but they are past that. They are “more than that” now (no pun intended).

This is a great time for the Backstreet Boys. Let’s embrace it.

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