Thoughts: Finally @TheMandyMoore is getting her due

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Backstreet Boys, Television, Thoughts | 0 comments

Let’s make one thing very clear – I love Mandy Moore.

During the Britney versus Christina days, I was Team Mandy. I wanted to see her when she was on tour with the Backstreet Boys, but couldn’t. I loved her albums. I loved the fact that she was real and never tried to be something she wasn’t. I loved when she left the blonde and went to a dark blonde and then to finally brunette.

And I LOVED “A Walk to Remember.” I loved “Chasing Liberty” and “American Dreamz.” I even liked “How to Deal.”

I loved the next albums she came out with even though they were a little less pop and a little more folksy. I loved all of her next roles, especially “I Told You So.”‘

“I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week” was probably my most listened to song in 2009.

And yes, she’s had other movies and shows up until “This Is Us,” which were all great, but finally Mandy is getting the attention she deserves with this show because of the range of her acting. One minute she’s like 27 or 28 and the next she’s playing a senior citizen. She’s playing a wife, mother and grandmother.

And tonight at the Golden Globes, she looked amazing. A-MAZING. This was her time. She was going to win her award and… she didn’t.

She totally deserved that award and not because “Crush” is still in my Top 25 favorite songs ever, but because she is great as Rebecca Pearson. I feel like that role was made for her. She’s not the little 15-year-old singing “Candy” anymore and this role shows that.

And while she didn’t win tonight, which again, she should have, people are realizing that she’s still here. They are seeing that she’s talented and talented enough to be nominated for a Golden Globe.

Now if only we could get her back in a recording studio and get that Grammy.

bP.S. Mandy Moore is my girl crush.


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