‘Gilmore Girls’: The four words to end it all…

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WARNING: There will be “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life” spoilers in this post. Enter at your own risk.

Now, I was late to the “Gilmore Girls” fandom. I only watched the entire series about two years ago on Netflix and have been obsessed since. So when news came out about this revival, I was ecstatic, as usual.

And it almost killed me that I had to wait until Friday night to get started on the show because, unlike most people, I had to work Friday.

Someone has to put out the newspapers.

But here are my thoughts…

The show has come full circle.

The show began when Lorelai was 32 years old and Rory was 16 (The age Lorelai was when she had Rory). That’s how old Rory is when she’s sitting on the steps, telling her mother that she’s pregnant.

If you don’t watch the show and don’t care about spoilers, those are the last four words: “Mom..” “Yeah?” “I’m pregnant.”

So the big question is, who’s the father?

More than likely the father is Logan, the rich boyfriend from Yale who she had been hooking up with and Logan is engaged to some other rich chick. The last time they were together was in the late summer. The series ends in the fall.

Now during the spring, Rory had a one night stand with a “Star Wars” wookiee.

And unless Dean (the first ex-boyfriend) magically got her pregnant with his super sperm (he’s got four kids!) in the grocery store, then it has to be Logan.

Which really sucks. I hate Logan.


But, it’s a case of history repeating itself. Lorelai got pregnant by a rich boy (Christopher) and just before we found out that Rory was pregnant, she went to visit Christopher. Logan is Rory’s Christopher. Which leads us to something else – Jess is Rory’s Luke.

Sure, Jess was an ass at one point, but he matured and he’s hella smart and he’s always really thought of Rory’s best interest. And he still loves her. Hey, you don’t gazingly look through a window at someone you used to date unless you still have feelings for them.

(P.S. – Wouldn’t it be awesome if Jess was the Wookiee and got Rory pregnant? Yeah, long stretch, Karah). 

If those were the last four words of “Girlmore Girls” forever and ever, I can live with it. It came full circle. Rory is now Lorelai. But do I want it to be the last four words? No, I do not. I want to know what happens with the baby. I want to see Luke and Lorelai married. I want to see Lorelai and Emily have a better relationship. I want to see the Dragonfly expand.

I want to see more Jess.

What are your thoughts? Who do you think the father is? Do you think this is the end?

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