Five things I want to see from @BackstreetBoys’ Las Vegas residency

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Beginning in March 2017, the Backstreet Boys will be starring in a small Las Vegas residency, taking over for Britney Spears to test out the magic of the strip. With shows in both March and June (plus one on July 1), fans from all over the world will be bringing their money and fangirling to Nevada to see the boys.

And they said it’s going to be a normal Backstreet Boys show on steriods.

And if you’ve ever seen a Backstreet Boys show, which 99.9 percent of the people who are reading this post have, you know that it’s going to be amazing.

So here are five things we want to see from the Backstreet Boys during their Las Vegas residency…

1. No back up dancers

We’re grown ups for the most part and really just paid to see you boys. Please don’t have back up dancers who will get in our way of seeing you guys or blocking our view of pictures being taken. Plus, when you have dancing like that above, why do we need anything else?

2. Band

A live band would be amazing to have back with you guys. Sure, the back tracks are easy to have but nothing sounds as great as your voices with live music. Like on the cruise with the two guys from Nick’s solo band? Brilliant.  Plus, you know, Nick is great on the guitar.

3. Songs

The boys said that they won’t be performing new music, but the classics and their older songs and there’s a few that I personally would like to be performed:

  1. “Just To Be Close To You”
  2. “Just Want You To Know”
  3. “Climbing The Walls”
  4. “Get Another Boyfriend”
  5. “Hey Mr. DJ”
  6. “Get Down”
  7. “I Still”
  8. “You Can Let Go”
  9.  “It’s Gotta Be You”
  10. “No One Else Comes Close”

There’s more. There’s always more. I just can’t help it. Those are the top picks.

4. Chair dance

Remember the chair dance from “As Long As You Love Me?” The guys haven’t done it in years, but wouldn’t it be amazing if that came back? I don’t think I ever got to see them do that live and year, they are getting up there in age (shut up, I’m’ Nick’s age), but seeing them do that would be one of the most nostalgic things ever.



5. ‘Into The Millennium’

AJ mentioned on the cruise that the boys had talked about bringing back older elements from previous tours. This leads me to the “Into the Millennium” tour because I never got to see it. So, if the boys would like to bring back those ladders for “Don’t Want You Back,” feel free to do so and place Nick’s on stage left. Thanks.


Regardless, the show is going to be amazing no matter what I want or might suggest. The boys always take in account what people want to see.

So I ask…


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