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Karah’s Fangirling Roundup for Monday, Oct. 3, 2016

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Television | 0 comments


It’s October 3.

How many times did you hear that today? So fetch.

It’s also National Boyfriend Day and on top of that… it’s Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson’s birthday! That man is like a vampire and does not age. Sure, he played a vampire in a movie, but seriously. He. Does. Not. Age.

But on an actual real tip, let’s talk about this week. This is going to be a new thing here on The Fangirling Life where I give a little rundown of all the fangirl worthy things that have happened this week.

First up, we have Mr. Niall Horan shocking the hell out of everybody with a single that makes him the perfect mix of Ed Sheeran and Nick Carter. Or maybe if Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran had a baby, it would be Niall.

The song, called “This Town,” is nothing short of amazing and, let’s be real, puts anything that Zayn Malik released to shame. The lyrics, the melody, the acoustic guitar, the voice, it reeks of amazing.

On Friday the Backstreet Boys did a mini-concert for I Heart Radio, which we previously posted about here on TFL and it has gotten me so excited about Las Vegas.

Sure, I see Nick at the end of this month for Walker Stalker, but I’m in bad need of something Backstreet Boys related before June. Sure, I had the cruise in May, but this summer has been hell. Seriously, I need some BSB in my life.

In other news, does anybody watch “This Is Us?” And no, I don’t mean the 1D documentary or the Backstreet Boys album. It’s the new Mandy Moore show where she stars along side Jesse from “Gilmore Girls.”

The show is AMAZING.

The writing is some of the best I’ve seen in a long time on a show. There’s no horror or crime or NCIS type stuff in it. It’s just about real life. And the character Kate, I identify a lot with her.

And did I mention Mandy Moore is it? I think out of Britney, Christina or Mandy, Mandy was always my favorite. I love her singing voice and she’s a really good actress (Hello, “A Walk to Remember!”).

Seriously, watch “This Is Us.”

Because I’ve been missing Mandy Moore like can-day.