Vegas, @BackstreetBoys, ticket buying stress…. oh my!

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bsbvegasI had said not too long ago that if the Backstreet Boys did Vegas, I probably wouldn’t go. That I would wait and do the next cruise. And just like with the European cruise, I cave. Because, really, who can say no to them? I need the happiness in my life right now. The only thing I have to look forward to is Nick at Walker Stalker next month.

So, next June, I’ll be taking my very first trip to Vegas with Mara and Jennifer (my two Florida girls) and I’m slightly excited, but hella nervous at the same time with everything that’s gone on this summer with my mother. She’s still in a wheelchair and can’t fully walk and I hope that she’s up and going by then.

But I’m thankful for my friends who have stood by me this entire summer. I’m thankful that I get to share this experience with two of them.

I’ve never been to Vegas and with my Elvis obsession, Las Vegas is something that I’ve only ever dreamed about. Kind of like Europe, I never thought I’d get to go see it.


We ended up with good tickets, great tickets. We have pit one night and then front row VIP the next night. YOLO, right? If anything this summer taught me that you can’t take things for granted and things can change in a blink of an eye. I don’t think I’ll be here for years to come, so I want to experience everything I can while I can. And I want to see Elvis impersonators galore.

But let me tell you, stress buying tickets has not gone away.

This morning I had my laptop, chromebook and my iphone up and ready with the log in information ready to go. It’s really like going to war. I tried to explain that to coworkers the other day, but it really is. You set up a command center because God forbid your laptop freezes, you can jump to the chromebook. Or if that messes up, you have the app on your phone.

No one said being a fangirl was easy.

But, Wonderful Union and Ticketmaster made it pretty easy this time in what was probably the easiest ticket buying experience ever. We got amazing seats so no complaining here.

Now I hope VIP doesn’t sell out before I can get mine.

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