You’re on my heart just like a tattoo

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I’ve hit the point in my fandom that I have branded my body.

I mean, really, what’s the difference in the fact that my heart was branded on May 1, 1998 and now my wrist is branded with a Backstreet Boys tattoo?

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I didn’t want to get a big tattoo. I didn’t want to get anything too out there for me, so I thought about it.

At first, I was going to get a music note with BSB above it. Then I got to thinking about their BSB logo that is on the Orlando Magic t-shirt they came out with this past Spring. I’ve loved that BSB/Backstreet Boys logo since it first came out when “In A World Like This” came out and frankly, that’s probably my favorite BSB album.

So I designed the tattoo myself with the logo and adding a music note next to it.

And yesterday, I got it.

Now every time I meet someone they see @backstreetboys. ? nice to meet you, here's BSB, they can show you incredible things. ? @karahleigh

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I decided to get it facing outwards, so that people can see it easily and see that it says BSB. I thought about turning it around to face me, but then I know what it says. The purpose of a tattoo, at least for me, is to show others my love for my favorite group. So I got it facing outwards.

Now I can’t wait to show Nick next month at Walker Stalker.

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