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The perfect @NickCarter tour setlist for the #AllAmerican tour

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, Nick Carter, Pop Music, Thoughts | 2 comments


Mr. Nickolas Gene Carter is going on tour for his fourth solo tour (third by himself – see explanation at the bottom) and is asking fans what they think he should sing on the tour that starts at the end of this month in Sacramento. 

Since 2002, I have seen Nick in concert by himself (or with Jordan Knight) more times than I fingers and toes on my both hands and feet (and I have 20 total, by the way), I figured I would write what I think would be the perfect “All American” setlist for his upcoming tour.

I will mix in songs from his other two albums, along with “All American” and maybe a cover song or two.

  1. “Blow Your Mind” / “I’m Taking Off” mix – (It’s how he opened both of his previous two solo tours)
  2. “All American” – Get this out of the way to get the party going.
  3. “My Confession” – For the love of all things holy and Howie, please sing this, Nick.
  4. “Second Wind”
  5. “Help Me”
  6. “Who Needs The World” / “Heart Without A Home” medley
  7. “Nothing Left to Lose”
  8. “California”
  9. “I Will Wait”
  10. Cover: Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69” or The Cure’s “LoveSong” or Journey’s “Faithfully”
    1. OR a Backstreet Boys medley (“Drowning” / “As Long As You Love Me” / “Madeleine”)
  11. “Just One Kiss”
  12. “Cherry Pie”
  13.  “I Need You Tonight”
  14. “19 in ’99”
  15. “Burnin’ Up”
  16. “I Got You”

Bonus: “Falling In Love Again,” “Not Like You” (the song that was performed on the “Now or Never” tour), “Falling Down,” “Swet,” “The Great Divide” and “Do I Have To Cry For You?”


Thoughts? Tweet me at @Princess_Karah and let me know!


  • Note: When I say fourth solo tour – I count the Christmas shows he did before his official “Now or Never” tour as a separate tour.