What was your first @BackstreetBoys poster?

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myfirstposterMy good friend Esther, who runs Kevin Richardson Online (check them out!) tweeted something out today that perked my interest and made me realize that I’m not sure I’ve ever told this story – the story of my first poster of Mr. Nickolas Gene Carter. 

Year: 1998

Month: May

Date: Probably around the 5th or 6th in a physical education class.

I was a senior in high school, about the graduate in less than a month and had just seen the Backstreet Boys at Grad Nite at Walt Disney World. I wasn’t a fan until Nick Carter looked down at me, pointed and asked if he was sexual. I said yes, and well, we all know the rest is history.

There was a freshman girl who was in two of my classes – PE and the second semester of freshman science, I forget what the title was. I failed it in ninth grade when I was going through something and I had to retake it.

This girl was ALL into the teenybopper magazines and boy bands. She constantly talked about the Backstreet Boys. So that day at PE, I had finished doing whatever I was doing and went to sit on the bleachers and called her over. I told her about the concert and mentioned that the blonde one pointed at me and sung to me.

So she opens up her magazine, that had Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover and pointed Nick out. That’s where I learned his name for the first time – Nickolas Gene Carter.

The pull out big poster in the magazine was on Leo, but with Nick on the other side. It was a photo that I would later learn was from some tornado benefit concert they had did a few months before in Orlando. I asked her if I could have it and she said no.

And I glared at her.

My first poster of Nick Carter.

My first poster of Nick Carter.

Finally I got her to give me the poster and I went home after hanging out with a friend or two that day working on a project and quickly put the poster up inside of my closet, because nobody went into my closet except for me. I hid things in there.

And my newfound lust over Nick Carter stayed a skeleton in my closet until sometime in July, when I finally took him out and placed him next to my Garth Brooks poster.

And the rest is history.

A few months ago I was looking at stuff on eBay and saw someone selling it for $5. I literally almost bought it because my other one eventually tore and I had to toss it.  That’s where the photo is from.

What was your first Backstreet Boys poster?

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