Memory: 1/31/12 – Nick Carter’s “I’m Taking Off” tour (Charleston)

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nickcartercharlestonFour years ago tonight, I was front row for Nick Carter’s second solo tour. It was the second show of the tour (the first being in Nashville the night before). I was with my my greatest friends – Mara, Sarah (I know, lots of ara’s), Jennifer and Michelle and we all came from different places – Georgia, Florida and Michigan and enjoyed one of the greatest concerts. 

Sure, we stood outside for what seemed like forever before finally being let in for soundcheck and then fighting our way back to the front after we had to go outside. (Thanks to Mike and Eddie for fixing that!) And we all had front row.

And it was amazing.

I mean, it’s Nick Carter and it’s a solo show. Of course it’s going to be amazing, right? (That video above was taken on my cell phone)

I had to been to so many “Now or Never” shows, but I knew this would be my only “I’m Taking Off” show and I was hell bent on enjoying it.

(My friend Sarah who was next to me on my left’s video)

But that night was also a bad night.

As soon as the concert was over, we met and talked with his opening act and made our way out to the bus where we all checked our phones to see that his sister, Leslie, had died. We suddenly started to freak out because we wondered, “Did Nick just do that awesome concert knowing that his sister had passed away?”

Thankfully we never got to find that out. The bus left out and was headed to New York, but we all kept analyzing the entire night.

And it was always a mystery whether he knew or not.

But in his book, “Facing the Music,” Nick says he was in a New York City hotel room when he found out about his sister’s death. And in a way, that totally freaked me out.

What if he had came out from the venue and we saw him? What if he had found out from US, his fans, and not his family? The whole thought of it kind of freaked me out a little.

Sometimes being a fan girl gets real. In this situation, it did.

(Sarah’s video again… it’s me that didn’t know what part of the show it was and Nick walks over to talk to)



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