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by | Jan 17, 2016 | Personal, Rambling, Thoughts

I said I wouldn’t do it, but in a way, I miss having  a real site. I couldn’t bring Boys on the Block back because I still do not have the time to devote to it like it needs. I’ve come to the point in my life that I have too much going on, but doesn’t mean I’m not fangirling.

Thus, we have this site. It’s going to be more me. A lot of people liked the “personal” posts I made on Boys on the Block and that’s what you will find here.

I kind of want to make this a site a place that other fangirls who are in their late 20’s, mid 30’s or 40’s can go to and feel like they are not alone in the world.

Plus, I figured if I’m paying for a site, that I will be more determined to write.

On a more personal note, I started insulin this week and on Friday, my blood sugar levels were so out of whack that I got sick at one point. At one point it went as high as 394 I believe it was and as low as 54.

Also I’ve been debating on whether I want to stay red or go back brunette. I can’t decide.


And besides that, I’ve worked 70+ hours so far with two hours left to work in this pay period. Not to mention the 3 1/2 hours overtime I had last week.

114 days until the cruise. I need that vacation.


  1. Kristine Tillman Weinzierl via Facebook

    BTW Karah-Leigh I love your hair either way but you are a stunning red head in a way that very few women are able to be!! Not that you were looking for any opinions or comments, but I just wanted to say how gorgeous your hair is 😀 (the rest of you too!!) and thanks!! I can’t wait to meet you in May!! Counting down……


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