Flashback: You know, just hanging out with Luke Bryan

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Over the years, I’ve interviewed country music superstar and south Georgia boy Luke Bryan a few times. The first time I interviewed him, he was an up and coming singer who was opening for Dierks Bentley.

The last time? He was about to be named Entertainer of the Year by the Academy of Country Music Awards. 

Luke always made it a mission to come to Valdosta (my hometown) during his Farm Tour. Valdosta is pretty much where it all started and sadly he didn’t have one in north Georgia this past year.

Downfall of living near Atlanta.

Regardless, back in 2012 I believe it was, I was at the concert, waiting for a friend from college to come and had already put out my spot up front by the stage and headed back to my car because I wasn’t sure I locked my car.

So because I had a press pass, they let me out and as I was walking by, a golf cart pulls up beside me and stops where a group of college students were and it was none other than Luke. He asked me to start taking pictures of him and some students and I did because, hey, when Luke Bryan tells you to do something, you do it.

I shook his hand and told him who I was and he remembered our last interview (we had done in a week before that show) and why I didn’t get a picture is beyond me.

But, Luke told everybody to follow him and he was going to play some beer pong.

And he did.

I watched Luke Bryan play beer pong.

And it was hilarious.

He’s now one of the biggest stars in the world, but he really is the same guy from Leesburg who loves Georgia football and drinking beer with his friends.

That was also the show that I got Luke to perform “Baby Got Back” the first time which led him to keep performing the song for years to come, but that’s a whole other story. 😉

<3 Karah

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