Thank you @NickCarter for the best Thanksgiving ever…

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Not since the Indians sat down with the Pilgrims for the first Thanksgiving have Backstreet Boys fans been so thankful for something – a brand new solo album from Mr. Nick Carter!

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, Nick Carter’s third solo album (not counting “Nick & Knight”), will be released!

And we are having ALL the feelings right now.

We keep being told different things about when the Backstreet Boys will be in the studio. Howie said in a few weeks, AJ said January, well Nick’s going on tour in February, but it’s Backstreet time.

While Backstreet time is going on and Brian’s propping his feet up watching a basketball game, we get us even more Nick Carter than we have in the past few weeks.

Has it sunk in yet? We are getting a new Nick Carter album in a WEEK!

And the best part? This album will get GREAT promotion. With Nick being a finalist on “Dancing With The Stars,” and the album coming out the DAY after the winner is announced, even if he doesn’t win (which God, we hope he does), he will be able to spread the word on the album.

God, this is great.

Oh my GOD, we are getting a new Nick Carter album!

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