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This weeks Fan Of The Moment comes from @ImanAg . She’s an international fan from Israel. Lets get to know more about how she became a bsb fan girl.

I seriously don’t remember the exact moment I became a fan – feels like I was born one! But it was sometime around 1996, when the boys were all over MTV Europe (which we watched in Israel). I was in the 5th or 6th grade and everybody at my school was totally obsessed with the band. Get Down was a major hit and we mumbled the lyrics without even understanding what they meant… The first video I remember watching was Anywhere for you – even as a kid I thought Brian was so cute!

All love all the guys in the group and they’re all special to me in their own way… but I’ve always been a Brian girl, a B-Rok soldier, a littrell chirpster. Brian has been a huge inspiration for me, teaching me that one can overcome anything if he believes in himself and has faith. Every time I purchase a new BSB CD I look for his thank yous because he always writes such motivating words. He’s been through so much and never broke down, and that alone makes him an amazing person. And then there’s his eyes… (of course ;)) and his voice, that will forever be my favorite sound.

I love almost all BSB songs, but if I had to choose only one favorite, it would be Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon. The song came out when I was going through an emotionally hard time, and I could really relate to the lyrics and feel as if they’re telling my story. And I just love its melody and the boys’ voices in it. Plus I there’s the a-cappella version that opens the Unbreakable album, which is beautiful.

My least favorite song is Just Want You to Know. I know many people like it, but for some reason I just can’t seem to relate to this song. It’s too noisy for me.

I love all the boys’ albums, but I think the one I listen to the most is Unbreakable. I know, I know, Kevin wasn’t on this album so I’m not supposed to like it… But it does have some of my favorite songs, I love the album artwork and I love the title – cause the Backstreet Boys are truly Unbreakable!

Although I’ve been a fan since forever, somehow I never went to a BSB concert until 2015. I live in Israel and the boys never performed here until this year, and I couldn’t afford traveling to distant locations for a concert. A couple of years ago I was planning on travelling to a show in the This Is Us tour, but a family event kept me from going. Fortunately, the boys finally arrived to Israel last May and gave us the best three concerts ever. It was worth the wait – they were incredible and their week in Israel was beyond anything I ever dreamed of!

My favorite moment as a fan was of course meeting the boys in person during their visit to Israel. I met them a number of times and it was a dream come true. They were all super nice and incredibly warm. Nick is gorgeous and AJ is badass (which everybody knows!), and I was overwhelmed by how sweet Howie was to fans and how gentle and kind Kevin is. And Seeing Brian, getting that long-awaited hug from him and expressing my appreciation – that was the best part about it.

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