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Thoughts: If you can’t be happy for @NickCarter, are you a real fan?

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Opinion, Thoughts | 38 comments

It’s never been a secret that some Backstreet Boys fans haven’t been to fond of Lauren Kitt-Carter. Why? Who knows. She’s absolutely lovely and has been each and every time I’ve talked to her. Whether it was her sitting behind me and us talking for about 10 or 15 minutes on the second Backstreet Boys cruise, to interviewing her for “I Heart Nick Carter” or when she saw me at the Nick & Knight show in Nashville.

And she has no reason to be nice to me.. after all, I lust after her husband most of the time.

But I like her and she is legit the main reason we still have Nick Carter in our lives. So to see people still attack her for stupid reasons makes me wonder if they can even consider themselves real Nick Carter fans?


See that face? That’s happiness. Lauren makes Nick happy. She completes him. So for people to still go around and say that he’s unhappy and all of the unnecessary stuff that I won’t even repeat here astonishes me.

How can you call yourself a real fan when you look at that face up there and say something negative?

As fans, all we have ever wanted was for Nick to find that happiness that the other guys have found. And he has found that. And he’s going to have a BABY. A LITTLE (Backstreet) BOY! (I know, the pun is getting a little old 16 hours later…).

If Lauren had not come into Nick’s life… we may not be here today, gushing about that dance last night. We might not be here already looking at little Tampa Bay onsies online to give him on the cruise or if we get a meet and greet before hand. We might not be here talking about anything other than the fact that we might not have him anymore.

His life has done a 180 in the past 10 years and it’s all because of Lauren. Because of Lauren, we still have five Backstreet Boys. Because of Lauren, Nick wants to better himself.

Personally, I feel honored that they shared that with us last night. They could have just let the trash magazines do their things and pop a baby out in five months – but they didn’t. They didn’t have to share the gender with us either. It’s none of our business, but they did. And while we all may not have been there in the room on the “Dancing With The Stars” set, we all shared that moment with them. His and Lauren’s faces were priceless.

Nick has always shared everything with us… because we, the fans, mean a lot to him.

So if you have nothing nice to say about it, don’t say nothing at all.

Stop the hate.


These thoughts are mine and mine only and do not represent anybody else on this site or that I’m associated with.