Man Crush Monday: Hey @NickCarter, we’ve got nothin’ left to lose either… #ImTakingOff

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Videos | 0 comments

This was a special night. It was Nick’s second tour date of his “I’m Taking Off” tour in Charleston, S.C.

We had front row for the soundcheck and even though the club tried to let the people in the back of the VIP line go back in first, Wonderful Union’s Eddie made sure that wasn’t the case. And this performance of this song was amazing. I recorded it on my cell phone and I swear I thought Nick was going to grab it at one point.

As we left the club where the concert was, we found out about his sister Leslie. Whether he knew or not, he put on the show of a lifetime and put 100,000,000,000 percent of himself in the performance.

Who else is ready for another tour?


Note: In his book, Nick said he was in a NYC hotel room when he found out. The bus pulled out of the parking lot at the club, heading for NYC. 

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