Why do fans go see their favorite artists millions of times? This article explains it

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Thoughts

001Browsing online, we here at Boys on the Block see a lot of things – some good and some bad. But this time, it was good.

It explains us to a T – why we go see our favorite singers as many times as we possibly can.

The post, posted by The Sassologist, explains it perfectly.

And time and time again I enjoy walking into the venue, seeing the stage and talking to others who are just as excited as I am. Perhaps it is some sort of escapism. For those two hours, I don’t bother thinking about the issues I left at home. I don’t worry about deadlines or tests that I still have to check. It is just me and the music. Me and the artist on stage. Me and an audience of like-minded people who also left their problems at home.

Click the link above and read the entire post and share it with your friends. And the next time a friend from high school, a parent, a co-worker or even your Grandpa asks why you want to waste your money on a concert you’ve seen five times or on a cruise, maybe they can understand better.


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