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Okay now you all are wondering why I this title is about light bulbs. I shall now give you guys a reason. If you guys have been following my twitter and thinking the following

  1. Why is she calling herself a light bulb?
  2. Why is she all of a sudden posting pics of a boyband call Anthem Lights?
  3. Who in the world is Anthem Lights???


Now I will answer what you guys have been thinking. As you all know I take Christian dance classes at a church. About 99% of the time our recitals contain at least one Anthem lights song. Now let me introduce this band to you guys. Not only does Anthem Lights do Christian music but pop music as well. Fun fact: they even did a cover to I want it that way.


The members of this group is : Alan Powell, Chad Graham, Joey Stamper, Caleb Grimm (His wife is a backstreet boys fan!), and former member Kyle Kupecky ( who’s first album that he ever brought was Backstreet Boys first album)

One of my favorite songs from them is Top of the world which is a fun song to dance to when you’re home alone.

Check these guys out on their youtube page and comment your thoughts below!



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