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mellyIts time for this weeks FAN OF THE MOMENT. This week it goes to a special lady that most bsb fans know really well. Her name is Melissa or as we like to call her Melly. Shes from Canada and loves both Backstreet Boys and New Kids On the Block.. Lets get to know her a little more

How did you become a backstreet fan?

I was a NKOTB fan for years. Then in 1994 they went away and I needed a band to like. I had heard their music a bit but it was a couple years later that I really got into them. Watched videos, found out what I could. And well…the rest is history.

Who is your favorite and why ?

Howie is my favorite. Why…he just seemed so genuine. Kind of shy. In the background and never really got to shine. I was right. He is a gentleman in every sense of the word. The times I have met him and spent with him have been amazing. He just gets it.

What was your first bsb concert?

My first concert was on Aug 17, 1998. Will never forget. My two best friends and I drove downtown to pick a girl up we had met in the NKOTB chat room. We had seats so far away that we could hardly see them but had the time of our lives. I remember saying, ‘I wish I was closer. How cool would it be to meet them.’ All I had to do was wait until 2008 for that to happen.

What is your least favorite favorite bsb song ?

QPGWMH…I can’t stand that song! And if I’m being honest, Backstreets Back is right up there too. Yeah, I’m sure I’m gonna be shot for that one.

what is ur favorite song and why ?

This is a tough one. There are so many amazing songs that it’s hard to pick just one. If I had to pick an all time fav it would be Shape of My Heart. No matter when I hear it I always smile. But we can’t forget Helpless When She Smiles, Safest Place to Hide, Unmistable, Make Believe just to name a few.

What is your favorite album and why ?

I really like the feel of Never Gone. I’m a sucker for a good ballad or slower tempo song and this album delivers. Also love Unbreakable.

What is ur least favorite album and why ?

My least favorite album is either of the first two. They were good for the time but now…they are the first to get skipped on my iPod.

What is your favorite memory from being a fan?

Wow…another hard one. Let’s see. Howie pulled me up on stage from 12 rows back on the side to sing to me in 2011. 2014 he came off the stage during the chorus of LTL and kissed my cheek. Then on the cruise AJ picked me to play the Beachball Caterpillar game…his head in my crotch, yeah…doesn’t get better. Blessed to have had any moments with them as all.

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