Dear One Direction fans, @BackstreetBoys and @NKOTB fans have been there

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Dear One Direction fans,

Some of you may think a year long break is the end of the world. Some of you might even think it’s a great time to save money for the next tour. And many of you may think this is the beginning of the end.

You think that Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam will never go in the same direction again.

But have no fear, we’ve all been there before.

New Kids on the Block called it quits in 1994.

But guess what? In 2008, they came back and haven’t left.

The Backstreet Boys took a break after their finished their “Black & Blue” tour in 2001 and people thought the group was over. The media did anyway. Two members were married with a third engaged and a member went solo. That’s the end right?


After Nick released a solo album and toured and Brian became a father, the group got back together for another album. And even though Kevin left the group for a few years, the boys kept recording. And then Kevin came back and all is right with the world.


98 Degrees pretty much gave up and went their seperate ways also with Nick Lachey going solo, Jeff Timmons releasing a solo album and Justin Jeffre going into politics.

And really, there was no hope at ALL of them getting back together, right?

Nope, the boys got back together, recorded a new album and went on tour with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men.

And now Nick and Drew have a reality show, Jeff is in a movie with other boy banders and Justin shows up on Nick and Drew’s reality show randomly.

And O-Town! Let’s not forget O-Town!

The group went their separate ways after their label went kaput, but two years ago rumors started circulating that they were coming back. And they have, with their album “Lines and Circles.”


But then you have bands like NSync… who have that one member that is a little more popular than all the others. The one that has dated the hot singer, the one that Hollywood wants.

And his career takes off.

And you never see them reunite except for a wedding or for 45 seconds at the MTV Video Music Awards.

And you’d like to pretend that didn’t happen.

In a few years, one of the guys from One Direction might even team up with one from The Wanted. Crazier things have happened.


So Directioners, we know your heart might hurt right now, but look on the bright side. If they all do solo albums, you have four possible tours to go to. You have four new albums to buy and listen to. You have four or more new music videos.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get as lucky as the Backstreet Boys fans have and they WILL come back from this hiatus.

Love, the BSB Army and Blockheads around the world.

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