10 @BackstreetBoys Songs To Help You Cope With Life

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It’s a simple fact – there will always be a Backstreet Boys song guaranteed to help you deal with any kind of emotion you’re feeling. I’ve narrowed it down to ten of the best BSB songs (and some alternatives) that will help you cope with life.

1. Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of)

I put this first because I think it can be applied to any emotion – it’s just a perfect anthem for everyday life. The boys are clearly telling us to be strong and face whatever hardship we come across, no matter what. You can’t be more empowered or inspired after listening to this.

Even the video is hot perfect.

2. Madeleine

This song is for one of those days when you’re feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe things aren’t that bad, but they’re kind of crappy and you wish something better would come along. It’s a sweet, acoustic track that gives you hope. What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) also lifts me up.

3. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

Sometimes you just need a sad song to make it through the sadness, y’know? The song obviously deals with loss of a loved one and the period of grieving. However, it’s also perfect for when you feel lost or alone, because when those gorgeous harmonies kick in, you remember how much you love BSB and your whining turns into gratitude for their existence. Never Gone is a beautiful alternative.

4. Inconsolable

Okay, love sucks. Whether you have an unrequited love for a celebrity or someone in real life, this song is perfect for you. You probably need a few more to help you cry it out, so might I suggest Incomplete, I Still…, Siberia, Trouble Is or Shattered. Man, our boys are good at these heart wrenching pop ballads. It’ll be tough getting through these, but you’ll feel better afterwards, promise.

5. Get Another Boyfriend

This is a song for when you’re frustrated with someone. You know, like when you’re trying to explain yourself and your friend won’t listen to you? When they won’t take your advice despite you having their best interest at heart? Perhaps your situation doesn’t fit the context of the song, but the gist of it is that you’re trying to make things better for someone who refuses to be better. It’s damn frustrating.

Also, don’t hesitate in breaking out a few dance moves to the sick beat, just to really channel that frustration.

6. Straight Through My Heart

This one’s straight forward. It’s for when you meet someone and you’re immediately taken by them whether or not they’re good for you. Basically our reaction whenever we see our favorite Backstreet member. Alternatives are Helpless When She Smiles and Poster Girl.

When you have to tell yourself to soldier down.

7. The Call

This song is for when you know you’ve made a mistake and you feel bad about it, but you don’t want to face the truth just yet. Avoiding confrontation, basically. From the phone rings to the “gotta go’s”, the song helps you adopt an “oh, well whatever” attitude rather than guilt for the bad thing you did. LOL.

8. Shape Of My Heart

This song is for those times you need to admit you were wrong and ask for forgiveness. Listen to it before you have to go make a huge apology to someone and I guarantee you’ll feel less nervous about it. Sometimes you just need to own your mistakes and people will respect you for it.

Nick’s entire bridge gives you life, I guarantee it.

9. Drowning

This one is for the romantic in all of us. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and in love and happy. The building and repeating of the chorus towards the end really helps get those feelings out. Afterwards, you’re just like YES. Great alternatives are Safest Place To Hide and How Did I Fall In Love With You.

10. In A World Like This

This one isn’t so much for coping but for spreading happiness when you’re already having a good day. Admit it, you look like a dork when you’re singing “faaaaAaaall apart” and “coOooOmes from the heart” but at least you’re having fun! Love Somebody is also a guaranteed happy jam.

So there we have it. No matter how hard we fall, BSB have our back. When you find yourself asking too many questions, they’ll always have the answer…to our life. Okay that was lame. But I had to.

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