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We are back with our Fan of the moment and this week it goes to Miss Ashley Darpino or @SweetKaos26 on twitter. Shes from Newwark New Jersey and Co admin on a facebook page for Nick and Lauren. Lets get to meet Ashley !!


How did you become a backstreet fan?

I don’t really remember exactly how I became a fan. I know I’ve like them since practically the beginning. I remember recording the songs off their self titled album to cassette tapes off my CD player. that’s what us 90s kids used to do and thought it was the coolest thing ever! I took them on my first cruise which ironically was the carnival imagination. My crazy fangirl life didn’t really start until 2010, the year I finally met then. It’s been a whirlwind ever since!!

Who is your favorite and why ?

I’m a Howie lovely with some kaotic tendencies lol. In the beginning I was always a Nick girl. I had a thing for big blue eyes and blonde hair back then. It wasn’t until around the Unbreakable/ TIU era that I started noticing howie. He cut his hair and his clothes and when Kevin left had more vocals. I just started noticing him more and more and the more I learned about him the more I loved him. Howard is one of sweetest guys on the planet. He’s so humble and kind and had the warmest hugs you’ll ever have. He also married a jersey girl and often visits his in laws here. I admire his strength and the way he’s a rock for the group, always being rational and putting the others needs before his own. He probably had the biggest and most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen. We won’t get into them hips that don’t lie!! Howard is the life of the party and doesn’t disappoint. Howie D is just an all around good guy.

What was your first bsb concert
Never Gone Tour July 31 2005 Holmdel NJ

What is your least favorite favorite bsb song ?

Undone and Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

What is your favorite album and why ?

Until the last few years Never Gone always was like my favorite. A few of my favorite songs are on that album and vocally it’s just amazing. Currently IAWLT is my favorite album. Aside from the amazing vocals from all of them, this album was so much more personal the others. The songs were so relatable ESP Madeleine and Show Em What Your Made Of for me personally. I wish I had Madeleine back when I was in school and being bullied. I always looks to music to help me through the tough times and this song would have been my go to song. It’s almost a sort of anthem that carries a very important message: Rise Up. This album went back to who the guys really are, just raw and stripped down. With Kevin back and Nick better then ever this album bought us back to why we fell in love all those years ago.

What is ur least favorite album and why ?

I don’t really have a least favorite album. It all depends on my mood and what I’m in the mood to listen to. Sometimes I want to hear the early stuff, sometimes new or sometimes the slower songs and ballads. The ones that I probably listen to the least are TIU and Unbreakable.

what is ur favorite moment as being a fan ?

My favorite moment as a fan is whenever I get the chance to meet them. I was so nervous the first time and didn’t know what to expect. These guys blew me away and continue to do so every time. So humble and kind and downright goofy. I’ve never had a bad experience with them. It’s like the game hasn’t affected them at all. They’re just a bunch of regular dudes who love to make music. It’s one of the reasons they’ve come so far and have lasted so long. The music and fans remain the most important thing. The fact that they give us an opportunity to meet them is still something that amazes me. I never thought in a million years I’d be able to meet them. A moment that stands out is being in LA for the 20th Anniversary Celebration with my girls. I’m so honored and blessed that were were able to be a part of BSB history and what better way to celebrate 20 years then with my best friends. I will forever cherish those memories. If it wasn’t for BSB I wouldn’t have the friends and sisters I have now. It was those boys, who through their music, bought people together and created bonds that will last a life time. My experiences with the guys wouldn’t be what they were if I didn’t experience them with my girls.

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