5 @BackstreetBoys Tumblr accounts everybody should be following

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Top Lists

If you are not on Tumblr, it’s an amazing tool, especially if you love you some Backstreet Boys eye candy (aka – pictures, videos, gifs, etc.). I like to think I follow the best of the best on Tumblr because frankly, I’m slightly obsessed with it and have been for a few years.

Check out these five Backstreet Boys Tumblr accounts below and be sure to follow them!

Screenshot (1955)

1. Relatable Images ft. Backstreet Boys

Relatable Images ft. Backstreet Boys is a pretty cool Tumblr account that takes old photos of the boys (and some new!) and puts captions on them that is, relateable, obviously, to everyday life.

Screenshot (1956)

2. Jstram

Jennie, aka. Jstram, has a very original Tumblr account where she posts her original Backstreet Boys photos that she has taken herself over the years. You can always count on her for some awesome BSB eye candy!

Screenshot (1957)

3. nickcrter

The nickcrter Tumblr account is by far one of the best Tumblr accounts there is, especially for gifs (animations). The owner ALWAYS posts awesome gifs from different videos – whether music videos or fan videos.

Screenshot (1958)

4. dontwantyouback

Tumblr user dontwantyouback is another account that you can always count on for awesome photo sets or animations and even edits.

Screenshot (1959)

5. backstreetsmac

Backstreetsmac is not only a Backstreet Boys Tumblr, but also a Jesse McCartney account. I bet they were THRILLED with the 2013 tour when JMac opened up for the boys! The account is one of the most creative accounts and the Backstreet Boys themselves even posts some of their edits sometimes.


Are you on Tumblr? Follow us @boysontheblock. Most of the time it’s the site’s updates, but once in a while we post original animations and photos among other things 🙂

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  1. Kaylin

    Hey that’s me!
    You know, I started relatablebsbimages just a couple weeks ago with the idea to remain anonymous, but with the recognition I’ve gotten from the official Backstreet Boys Tumblr/Facebook, and the influx of followers from that, and now recognition from YOU?! My favourite fansite?! Man, I just wanna jump up and down and wave and go “hey that’s me! That’s my blog!”- which is what I’m doing now (minus the jumping and waving).
    As I type this I’m getting notifications from Tumblr telling me so and so started following the blog. That’s a nice feeling.

    And not that’s it’s relevant, but it’s my birthday today! So cool birthday present, Karah.
    Thanks a bunch.


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