8 Backstreet Boys mashups that you need to listen to now

by | Aug 1, 2015 | Top Lists, Videos | 1 comment

Remember the Taylor Swift / Backstreet Boys mashup that we posted last week? It made us curious about if there were other good or great mashups of Backstreet Boys songs with other artists.

And boy are there.

So after a week of looking at almost all of them that we can find, we have narrowed it down to eight. It’s not as different as the Taylor/BSB mashup since that was technically country, but they are good. And a few of them are great!

Take a listen at the mashups below.

1.  Katy Perry / Backstreet Boys


2.  Demo Lovato / Backstreet Boys


3. Bruno Mars / Mark Ronson / Backstreet Boys


4. Justin Bieber / Backstreet Boys (as performed by Michael Henry / Justin Robinett)


5. Jessie J / Backstreet Boys


6. Snow Patrol / Backstreet Boys


7. Imagine Dragons / Kelly Clarkson / FloRida / Backstreet Boys


8. Michael Jackson / Backstreet Boys



Do you have a favorite mashup that wasn’t mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section!

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