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Thoughts: I’ve never been more proud to be a @BackstreetBoys fan

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Thoughts | 2 comments

Over the past two or three weeks, I have been going through Backstreet Boys’ VHS collection. Not just my collection of footage, but my friend Sarah has graciously donated hers which is by far way more advanced than my own. I have been putting things on DVD for both Sarah and I and for the Boys on the Block collection.

While doing all the VHS watching and dubbing and ripping from DVDs for a digital collection, I realized something.

I’m SO proud to be a Backstreet Boys fan.

This isn’t a crazy new revelation. I have always been proud of the group that has changed my life. But watching some of their older footage, especially back in the beginning of the band, it made me smile.

In several of the interviews the boys were asked about what if one of them wants to go solo and the band breaks up. What would they do? What would the others do?

They always said the same thing – stay together.

Howie would bring up New Edition and how they had solo careers or other groups (BBD), but they would always come back together. The other boys, even when in solo interviews, would say the same thing. During Nick’s “Now or Never” promotion, he made sure people knew that the band hadn’t broken up. Even at his first solo concert at Guavaween in Tampa, he made sure people knew that.

And what bands who have been around 22 years can say that? They can say things such as “they aren’t breaking up” and two months later break up. Look at the Jonas Brothers or The Wanted.

The Backstreet Boys have always been honest with us for the most part. They could have brushed AJ’s rehab under the rug, but they didn’t. They could have brushed Brian’s health issues (heart and vocal) under wraps, but they didn’t. They have been brutally honest about a lot of things and for that, I’m thankful. As a fan, you never want to be lied to by your favorite band. You never want to learn that something wasn’t true.

Yes, they didn’t tell the complete story about how the group was formed in early, early interviews, but of course, their management then wouldn’t let them.  They were manufactured and like Nick said in the documentary, like Pinocchio, they turned into a real boy – a real boy band – a real band of brothers.

Watching this old footage  has touched my heart and has made me even PROUDER to be a member of the Backstreet Army.

Out of the older videos, their first interview with Sonia Benezra and the boys first trip to Montreal is one that caught me off guard. Kevin’s honesty, Brian’s openness, Nick’s bashfulness, AJ’s AJness and Howie’s respectful manner made the interview one of the best early interviews I have ever seen.