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5 @BackstreetBoys classics the boys should consider adding to the 2016 tour

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Top Lists | 1 comment

On the Backstreet Boys 2016 tour, we are sure they will be singing more of their new songs from their upcoming album, less songs from “In A World Like This” and probably some classics.

But as fans, we are torn on what old songs we want to hear. Many fans are begging for more songs from the Non-Kevin albums, especially the ones he loves like “Shattered” and “Straight Through My Heart.”

But what about the OLDER songs?

Here are five songs we think the boys should consider adding to their tour setlist. At the bottom, there will be polls where you can vote or add what song you would like to hear.

1. “Just To Be Close”

There is nothing like hearing those first words: “Like a flower to a tree… that’s how close I wanna be… bop bop… to your heart….” It would be a nice little breakdown from the dancing and the other ballads to include even a part of this. It received such a wild reception on the cruise in 2014. And it’s a real throwback.


2. “Just Want You To Know”

It’s a personal favorite of mine and I have only gotten to see them sing it once, at their first real concert back after their break, way before “Never Gone” ever came out. This song is kind of like the Taylor Swift of their songs… some love it and some hate it. But Sphynkter will always rock.


3. “Get Down”

The four boys, minus Kevin, performed the song during the “NKOTBSB” tour, but how about include Kevin in it now with his Rico Suave dance moves.

4. “You Can Let Go”

Many fans look at this song as a message of hope. Some fans look at it as a way to escape their past. Out of all the songs the Backstreet Boys have done over the years, “You Can Let Go” and “Madeleine” mean a lot to people. Like the boys, we have all had things happen in our past that have made us feel like giving up. These songs give us hope that we can make it past and let go of it.

5. “Get Another Boyfriend”

This might be awkward now that all the boys are married, but “Get Another Boyfriend” was one of the best performances from their “Black and Blue” tour. With AJ’s “GOOD GOD!” or his “GET ANOTHER G—D—— BOYFRIEND,” the song was a classic. After rewatching the CBS special recently, I remembered why I loved it so much.