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Video: Several fans cause chaos after @BackstreetBoys’ Chicago appearance due to @NickCarter’s jersey

by | Jul 11, 2015 | Videos | 8 comments

The Backstreet Boys, minus Kevin and Brian, were in Chicago today for a beach event. But was it a beach event? There’s no beaches in Chicago. It was a lake event.

Regardless, the guys – Nick, AJ and Howie – all looking marvelous, had a great little set featuring “We Got it Goin’ On,” “As Long As You Love Me” and even bringing back the Nick & Knight 90’s melody, which we have video of thanks to our friend Teresa.


But after performing “Larger Than Life” wearing Chicago hockey jerseys, Nick autographed his and threw it in the audience. And for the next 15 minutes or more, a group of women and some men were trying to get a piece of it.

That was only part of the fight.

After obviously hearing about it and seeing tweets, Nick tweeted this out:


And he’s right ladies…. a jersey is nothing to fight over, whether he wore it and autographed it or not. Maybe tug on it for a few seconds, but for 15 minutes? And our question is, where was the venue and event’s security? People could have gotten hurt because of the lack of security the event had.

In the words of Donnie Wahlberg, spread love and love will spread.