#DeadWest is now #Dead7 and more @NickCarter movie updates

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So many quick updates from the #NickCarterGoesWest panel at ComicCon thanks to our Olga’s panel periscope. She’ll have more on that once she gets home and settled.

A few quick bits:

  • AJ McLean is playing a villain. He was originally going to be a good guy.
  • Lauren Kitt-Carter was originally supposed to be, well, basically a saloon girl/lady of the night but is now playing a bandit. Nick wanted to make her a strong female character like Katniss in “The Hunger Games.”
  • Apparently Joey Fatone is playing a drunk, according to tweets since we now know AJ is the villain and it would be awkward if he played a drunk.
  • They are still trying to develop the characters, which makes me wonder if it will still be filmed in August.
  • Each of the boys talked about their past acting experiences.
  • They joked about other boy band members coming on board. Nick mentioned Lance Bass. AJ mentioned calling up Donnie Wahlberg one night to see what he was going to be doing. They don’t want to make it just a boy band movie.
  • Nick grew up loving horror movies and spaghetti westerns and wanted to mix the two.
  • They will be riding horses.
  • Howie Dorough will still be in the movie even though he was not there. They joked that he was going to be a Latino gunslinger.

Non-BSB fans that spoke seemed very receptive of the movie and excited. So have other comments on Twitter when you search the #Dead7 hashtag.

Olga will have more from ComicCon later and be sure to check out her on periscope to watch the video!

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