Video: Remember when @NickCarter owned a boat racing team?

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Top left: The original Nick Carter Racing boat. Top right: Nick in Sarasota, July 6, 2003; Bottom left: The second Nick Carter Racing boat; Bottom right: Bob Carter being interviewing in Sarasota July 4, 2003. (Karah/BOTB)


Me and Nick in Sarasota, July 5, 2003. I was so sunburned. It was horrible.

As a huge Nick Carter and NASCAR fan, when Nick started Nick Carter racing, I was ecstatic. My favorite weekend happened during the July 4th weekend in 2003. That weekend I had a talk with Nick that changed my life forever and went back to college to become an award-winning journalist. I had dropped before he went solo and started back at one school the next week and then the university that following January.

While a lot of people didn’t get the whole boat racing, as a long time NASCAR fan, I loved it. Nick was right when he said that it was like NASCAR on water.

During his “I’m Taking Off” tour at the Charleston show, I got the chance to ask Nick a question and I asked about his boat racing venture and if he was a NASCAR fan since he used the sport so much to describe boat racing. He said that he grew up watching racing with his father being a huge Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty fan. Of course, he said Kyle Petty at first (Richard’s less successful son) until my friend Mara and I corrected him.

It’s an expensive hobby, which is discussed in a VH1 show from 2002 about celebrities’ expensive hobbies. But I would like to see Nick get back into boat racing one day.

Check out the video from VH1 below where Nick discusses Nick Carter Racing.

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