6 times @Brian_Littrell lifted his shirt and caused us to catch our breath

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Brian Littrell, Top Lists

Hey guys! One huge thing that happened when In a World Like This (the album) came out was that Brian was brave enough to show everyone his scar in the Show ’em What you’re made of music video. Also, just recently from a concert in Chile, Brian lifted his shirt to show a little bit of 6 pack. So in honor of that, I would like to show you guys the times in concert/music videos where Brian lifted his shirt.

Disclaimer: One thing I would like to say is that I don’t want this post to look in anyway, shape, or form to appear like I’m over sexualizing Brian. This is just a small back in the day (and two current) videos from YouTube.

1. During Darling at 1:55 at a concert in Germany

2. Anywhere For You Music video

3. All I have to Give Music Video (Second Blue a little skin)

4.Get down (2:37)

5. Show em What you’re made of

6. Chile Concert IAWLT


Do you have any other memories of Brian showing skin? comment below!







  1. Layne

    This is the kind of material I like to start my day with. Thanks!


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