Top 7 Moments in the @BackstreetBoys’ Alternate Video for “Drowning”

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I’ve always loved watching Backstreet Boys music videos, so when I found out that an alternate, version of “Drowning” was leaked online, my inner 10-year-old rejoiced.

Apparently the band weren’t too happy with this video, which is why it was reshot, but after viewing it a few times, I realized I kind of liked how strange it is (also, it’s called “Wet Version” on youtube, which is just wrong in my opinion). Here are my top moments.

1. The Post-Apocalyptic Landscape – Where are our boys? Why is it so blue and deserted?! (Talk about worst green screen ever.)


2. The Fake Rain – I mean, obviously they’re wet, but are these massive rain drops even hitting them at all?


3. Howie’s biker-inspired outfit and Bon Jovi hair. Just cause. (Also, those arms.)


4. Kevin’s whole Jesus-look, from the long hair to being surrounded by water. And don’t forget those beautiful shots of him playing the piano.


5. When AJ removes his glasses right before he starts singing. No comment on the mesh shirt (but he’s still a babe).


6. When they realize a big wave is about to hit (they’re about to “drown”), and the four duck for cover while Nick prepares himself, Titanic-style.


7. Brian’s umm…nothing. He actually looks perfect in this video. Baby angel face.


Which video for “Drowning” do you prefer? Was this one too literal an interpretation of the title?

Official Video:
Wet Version:

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