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7 things @BackstreetBoys’ ‘Never Gone’ album taught us about life and love

by | Jun 14, 2015 | Top Lists | 0 comments

It has been 10 years since the Backstreet Boys’ released “Never Gone,” and so many (so so many!) things have happened since then. Kevin, AJ and Howie entered father hood. Nick is now a married man (a day we thought would NEVER come) and the boys are in charge of their own destiny now.

And while “Never Gone” was a transformation for the group, into a more adult-contemporary musical style, it was also a change for fans. Many grew up during their time off. And the album itself taught us a lot life and love.

Here are 7 things the Backstreet Boys taught us about life and love with the “Never Gone” album.

1. How to spell

In “Beautiful Woman,” they were nice enough to spell out how to spell the word, in a really weird and creative way.

2. Proper head band etiquette

While some thought it was out of style, the Backstreet Boys taught us the proper way to play electric guitars when you are in an ’80s hair band.

3. Geography.

Let’s be honest, some fans aren’t or weren’t the best students in school, so when “Never Gone” was released and fans heard a song called “Siberia,” it caused them to use Google and find out that it’s actually a very cold, cold, brrrrrring, cold place.


4. How to stand correctly in a dust storm.

The “Incomplete” music video did many things, including showing us all the elements  from water to fire, but it also did something so important than none of us will ever be the same. The video showed us how to stand in the middle of a dust storm and look pensive. Because it’s the only way to do it correctly.


5. Hiding places.

The boys not only gave us all the above greatness, but they also told us the ultimate places for hide and seek – in each other. They showed us that “we” are the safest place to hide.

6. Always go in groups.

When you go out to walk in the middle of the desert at sunset, always do it in groups. Maybe the group doesn’t have to be a boy band group, but just a group of other people.

7. Don’t fall for the ‘it girl.’

Take it from Nick – don’t fall for the “right now Poster Girl.” Nothing else needs to be said.


What did YOU learn from the Backstreet Boys’ “Never Gone” album?