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This weeks Fan of the Moment goes to Katie Sillman from Indiana! She’s a mom and her kids love bsb!. Here is a little more about her.

Q) How and when did you become a fan ?

A) I was in high school, it was 1995. My friend came to school with the CD and said I think you like these guys but I don’t. Would you like to have this CD? I said Yes!!!!!! I took it home and listened to We’ve Got It Going On and I was hooked!!!

Q) What was your first concert experience ?

A) My first concert experience was in August of 2013 in Atlanta, GA for the In A World Like This Tour. I have been a fan since 1995 and just was never able to afford tickets. Adrienne L. had an extra two tickets and gave them to me. I owe my first concert experience to her. It was an amazing time. I cried and had such a blast.

Q) Who is your favorite in the group?

3.) My favorite boy is AJ. He has been my favorite since I’ve known of the group. He is a sexy man not to mention just everything he has been through, I have such a huge respect for him and it has been amazing watching him mature as a person and a member of the group. I just love him!!!

Q) what is your favorite album?

A) My favorite album has to be In A World Like This. I was super excited when it came out. It really shows their musicality so much.

Q) what is your favorite song ?

A) I have so many favorites but my absolute favorite is Poster Girl.

Q) what is your least favorite song ?

A) I don’t think I have a least favorite song lol. I love all of their songs!!

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